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Friday, October 5, 2012

India First Life Insurance Launches MagicBoard

The days of cumbersome sales meeting, extended paperwork and mis selling may soon come to an end for the Indian Insurance industry. For many years now, insurance companies have been brainstorming with their IT to bring out the cutting edge technology which addresses the above mentioned hassles surrounding the insurance industry.  A solution to this would automatically lead to a drop of expenses for both parties viz. the customer and the insurer.

A leap towards this idea has been taken by India First Life Insurance, a joint venture between two of India’s largest public sector banks- Bank of Baroda and Andhra Bank along with UK’s leading risk, wealth and investment company Legal and General. They have launched MagicBoard - a one-of-its kind integrated portable fulfillment device for a fully compliant, truthful and efficient Customer sales and service process that has a potential to be a force multiplier in sales productivity, customer delight and cost efficiency.
The device is an automated sales engine where a customer, distributor, employees and the insurance organization shares an integrated platform at real time to ensure honestly, transparency and agility of the sales process. Each of these stakeholders would have a single page view in his handheld tablet PC for real time access. Thus all the business processes viz. B2B, B2C and C2B are integrated and processed together. A sales person can now complete a sale on the spot (with or without access to internet) within 15 minutes. And instantly thereafter, the sale data is picked up by the MagicBoard command center at Mumbai and a verification call is made to the customer to cross check the information and the call is recorded for future reference by the customer. Once the data is verified, instantly a PDF file of the policy is pushed into the customer email and the summary printout is given simultaneously by the sales person through his blue tooth enabled portable printer which he carries along with him. A hard copy is also couriered to the customer to ensure that he has the same document through different delivery channels for cross check. MagicBoard also allows the sales person cater to customer requests, complaints and claims instantly through live video calls, instant access to key personnel in the corporate office etc.

Summarizing the MagicBoard has the following to offer to the Sales Executive and Customer
-       Helps optimize leads
-       Recommends the right product based on the customer needs
-       Details out the product key features and risk factors honestly through pre recorded product audio visuals
-       Eliminates cumbersome procedures - instant upload of documents, collection of premiums and policy printing
-       Provides business intelligence and MIS reports on a real time basis
-       Offers instant insurance at customer door step with end to end fulfillment
-       Uniform communications visually and verbally across all customer touch points
-       Complete migration of manual sales process to an integrated, IT enabled platform

Going by the habit of idiosyncratic investments by insurance companies in anything that boosts sales, we might be on the advent of witnessing some serious and revolutionary changes in the insurance buying process.

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